Mezzanine Racking

renderings of mezzanine racking product


Product features:

1. The mezzanine racking adopts multi-storey structure, and the bottom shelf is also the support of the upper shelf. It is suitable for high warehouse, light and small goods, manual access, large storage, and can make full use of warehouse space.

2. The mezzanine can be equipped with hydraulic lifting platform, elevator, conveyor belt, forklift and other auxiliary equipment according to the need.

3. Medium duty shelving as the main body of the whole mezzanine racking, the floor selection of cold rolled steel floor, floor panel can choose ordinary flat type, convex point type or hollow type. The mezzanine is easy to install and disassemble.

Technical Description:

1. The floor usually use cold-rolled steel plate, which has many advantages, such as strong, good integrity, good load uniformity, etc.

2. The floor can be flat plate, checkered plate, hollow plate grid plate.

3. The load capacity of the floor is usually 300kg-1000kg per square meter.

4. Fully considering the convenience of people and machines, the distance between the two floors is 2.2m-3m, and the height of the top racking is about 2m.

Mezzanine racking design drawings: