Gravity shelves

Rendering of gravity shelves


Product features:

1. Gravity shelves are densely arranged and combined with pallet rackings, and a certain slope track is set on the beam. Pallet unit goods enter from the high end of the track and slide down to the low end of the track by their own gravity. When the first pallet goods at the outbound end is taken away, the pallet unit goods at the back will fill the position at the outbound end under the action of gravity.

2. In order to prevent the pallet unit from moving too fast, a damping device is arranged at intervals on the track, and a pallet guide anti-deviation device is arranged on both sides of the long distance track. The outlet end is provided with a baffle and a separation mechanism for picking up goods. Two cargo positions can be arranged on each row distance. The maximum length direction of gravity shelf track can be 20 deep positions.

3. Gravity shelf can realize the advanced out of the goods, and suitable for the storage of the same type, a certain amount of batch, the storage of goods with a certain time requirements, and can reduce the transportation distance in and out of the warehouse operation tools, reduce the operation energy consumption, compared with the pallet racking, can save 35%-65% of the space.

4. Gravity shelves have high requirements for pallet strength and quality, and the deviation between the weight of unit pallet goods should not be too large, and the weight of unit goods should be controlled within 1500kg.

5. Loading and unloading of gravity shelves are generally equipped with forklift operation, and loading stacker and unloading stacker can also be configured at each end of loading and unloading to store and pick up the goods. It is mainly used for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of goods, and for the high time requirement of goods (such as ensuring the uninterrupted supply of materials on the production line) and other occasions.

Operation mode of FIFO of Gravity shelves: