mobile shelving

Rendering of mobile shelving


Product features:  

1 Mobile shelving is easy to control, safe and reliable. Its outstanding advantage is to improve the utilization rate of space, a set of shelves only need one lanes, while a lanes of fixed pallet racking only serves the two rows of shelves on both sides of the lanes. So in the same space, the storage capacity of mobile shelving is much higher than that of general fixed shelves.  

2. The guide rail of dense frame can be embedded in the ground or installed on the ground. The shelf base runs along the guide rail, and the shelf is installed on the base. Each row of shelves achieve easy and smooth movement through the sprocket drive system, and goods is accessed by manually.  

3. Mobile shelving are mainly used in archives, libraries, banks, enterprise reference rooms, electronic light industry and other industries.  

Design pf mobile shelving: