VNA Pallet Racking Series

Rendering of VNA pallet racking


Product features:

Very Narrow Aisle pallet racking, also called the VNA rackings, is a racking storage system optimized on the regular selective pallet racking, the difference is that the width of the lanes are much smaller than the regular selective pallet racking.The bottom of the racking is equipped with a safety guide on the ground with a three-way forklift. The VNA pallet racking inherits all the advantages of the selective pallet racking system, and due to the reduction of lanes width, The utilization rate of storage space can be increased by about 20% to meet the demand of high-density storage. It is suitable for the unitary goods with many varieties, large quantities, single large weight and fast circulation speed.

Technical Description:

The width of aisle of VNA pallet racking is generally between 1.6-2.0m, and the racking height can reach more than ten meters. Guide rails must be installed at the both sides of the aisle for the three-way forklift running. Limited by forklift, the load capacity is generally not more than 1500kg per pallet.


1. 100% access to the pallet of goods separately to maintain the fluidity of goods;

2. The reduction of roadway width improves the space utilization rate of warehouse;

3. Safety guide rail can effectively reduce the impact of human operation factors on rackings and reduce racking maintenance costs.

Rendering of VNA pallet racking