Drawer shelf

Product features:

1. Drawer type shelf, also known as mold shelf, mainly store all kinds of mold items, is divided into light drawer shelf and heavy drawer shelf according to requirements of load capacity each layer. The top of the shelf can be equipped with a mobile hoist car to facilitate the lifting of the mold.

2. Drawer type shelf assembly mainly by upright, guide groove, drawer layer, pull rod, positioning pin, etc., connected by bolts, stable structure, safe and reliable, generally used in rows.

3. Drawer tray is composed of frame and steel plate welded by rectangular tube and bending parts. Each slide rail is fixed up and down by two bearings, which can roll freely in the guide groove with little resistance and can be easily pulled out of the drawer.

4. For safety, drawer tray of drawer shelf is designed with the positioning pin and limit pin, in order to ensure the safety of the drawer tray in the withdrawal 

5 load capability each layer of light drawer type shelf is between 200 ~ 800kg/layer, load capability each layer of heavy drawer type shelf is between 800 ~ 1500kg/layer.

6 drawer type shelf covers an less area, major layer, and has detailed classification, simple operation.

7. Drawer shelf can also do drawer tray on the beam of goods shelf, cost-saving, structure is more stable.