Drive In Racking Warehouse Series

Rendering of drive in racking


Product features:

1. Drive in racking cancel the lanes between racking, and is a common intensive storage racking.

2. The storage density of drive in racking is large, and the effective utilization rate of space can be as high as 80%.

3. it adopts Pallet access mode, is suitable for less varieties, large batch of goods storage, s widely used in cold storage, food, tobacco and other industries.

Technical Description:

1. Drive in racking is a combined structure, composed of upright, pallet rail, single/double corbel, back bar, top bar, back beam, top beam and other components.

2. The forklift needs to enter the interior of drive in racking to access the goods. In order to improve the working efficiency of the forklift, the single-side depth should be within the depth of 8 pallets, and the double-side depth should be controlled within the depth of 15 pallets.

3. The weight of the unit pallet should be within 1500KG, and the total height of the racking should be within 10M.

Product design drawing of drive in racking: