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How To Secure Warehouse Pallet Rack


When in the warehouse work environment, safety needs to always be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. From large power machinery to towering storage structures with heavy goods, there can truly be danger around every corner in a warehouse. Taking the steps to minimize the risks around you with pallet rack safety tips is vital to creating a safe, comfortable work environment for all involve.


Product overhang:

Depending on the size and depth of your pallet racks, there’s always a chance of pallets overhanging the edge of the racks. While this doesn’t pose an inherent risk if your workers are aware of it and work to minimize the effects, this awareness is crucial. Make sure any pallet overhang is up to the manufacturer’s standards (including weight limits) and in situations where the pallets don’t perfectly interlock, employ shrink wrap to keep all skids together and prevent product movement or damage.


Improper Use Of Racks:

Now, we’re all sure you know what pallet racks are for and why you’d use them, but even something like not understanding weight limits can constitute an “improper use”. Follow all manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter to make sure weight limits aren’t exceeded, the proper materials and tools were used for installation, and make sure to follow any recommended guidelines for storage (material type, pallet dimensions, etc) to make sure the racks are being used to manufacturer specifications