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New Medium Duty Shelving Rack Project For Automotive Spare Parts Supplier


Medium Duty Shelving Rack is divided into medium duty A type and medium duty B type shelving


Medium duty A type shelving usually consist of uprights, beams, panel brackets and panels, its load capacity usually between 150-350KG / level. It’s easy to be assembled and disassembled. It also can be easily adjustable in 50mm step distance and easily configurable. It’s used for hand-loaded application


Medium duty B type shelving structure is inserting connected by frame nd beam. The beam can be adjusted by 50mm distance, It is suit for large loading and big unit. Load capacity per level can reach 300-800kg. The panel can be used by steel plate, paring, fiber or wood plate.


Main Parts:frame, beam and steel panel. It can be used alone and freely jointed together in any form. It is widely applied to various industries. The depth of rack can be customized according to customer demands, three-upright structure is recommended if frame depth is large.


Following is a recent Steel Medium Duty Shelving Rack project case,which design and installed by Sunnyrack team: