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SOP(Standard Operating Procedure) For Pallet Rack


1, Follow the storage principle of placing heavy goods on the bottom and light goods on the top.

2,Overload is forbidden:The weight of each level should not exceed the maximum loading of rack.

3,Anti-collision:the operation of the forklift should be handled as light as possible to prevent collision to the rack.

4,Operators should not enter the bottom of rack directly if goods are stored on the top.

5,The pallet should be raised first when’s strictly forbidden to drag and drop pallet on the beam.

6,It’s strictly forbidden to adjust the height of level without permission.The adjustment plan must be notified to rack supplier and confirmed before operation.

7,The light in the warehouse must be bright when accessing the pallet.the light in the lane should be kept bright for operation.

8,The operator must be in a good state of mind during accessing.

9,The forklift needs daily inspection and maintenance to make sure the forklift can be worked in a good state.

10,Operators must be trained well before they can drive forklift to access pallets.

11,rack must be checked regularly:

  A,is there any displacement of the safety pin on the beam.

  B,if the connection of bolt is loose or not?

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