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Details When Install Warehouse Shelve Rack


1. When installing the storage shelf, set one or more signs on the conspicuous place of the storage shelf. The area of each sign should not be less than 20 square centimeters. The large unit load (kg) and the size of each layer should be clearly marked on the sign. The average load (kg), the number of unit loads allowed per unit of storage.

2. The settlement value should be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the storage shelf structure

3. The column foot of the storage shelf should be correctly fixed on the concrete foundation and bear the corresponding pressure, and the uneven settlement should meet the requirements of use.

4. When installing the beam storage shelf, pay attention to the installation of locking devices at both ends of each beam, or provide places where screws and nuts are fastened, so that the beam can be stably fixed on the column to prevent it from being detached by upward external force.

5. There are strict installation procedures. Whether the storage shelf structure is installed in the durability limit state or in the large load limit state, it must meet the relevant standards and must have a calculation book. For important projects, after accurate calculation, the storage shelf strength, stiffness and stability are compounded, and the safety under earthquake is comprehensively evaluated. For standard storage shelves that are reused, a general calculation book is required.

6. When installing the storage shelf structure, comprehensive consideration should be given to factors such as use requirements, equipment conditions, load properties, material supply and installation conditions, and reasonable selection of structural forms, structural measures and production materials to achieve advanced technology, economical reasonableness, safe application quality assurance

7. When installing the storage shelves, a safe distance should be kept between the goods, between the goods and the storage shelves, and between the goods and the fire protection pipelines, and space should be left for fire protection spraying.