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Solutions For Drum Storage


1,Pallet rack for oil drum storage

As the picture shown below:the oil drum can be placed on the pallet first and then stored on the rack or stored on the rack directly but with limitation support bar to prevent rolling


2,Drive in rack for oil drum storage

Horizontal storage or vertical storage are both available for drive in rack to store oil drum.

Horizontal storage is to put the oil drum on the rack one by one with forklift the picture shown below:


 Vertical storage is to put the oil drum on the pallet first and then store on the rack as the picture shown           below:


3,Shuttle rack for oil drum storage

Shuttle rack is a semi-automatic has a better space utilization than conventional pallet rack and more stable  than drive in rack.the access efficiency is also better than pallet rack and drive in rack.


Sunnyrack is one of earliest and professional rack manufacturer,was founded in 2002 and start its foreign business     from 2007,our main products are pallet rack,drive in rack,cantilever rack,shuttle rack,push back rack,mezzanine&steel platform,longspan shelving and etc.