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Tips On Shuttle Rack


1. Realize the highest density storage of pallet goods, significantly reduce the cost of warehouse construction.

2. The goods are first-in, first-out and first-in, first-out.

3. The drive-in shelves do not need to drive in, and the import and export efficiency is high.

4. The anti-seismic safety performance is much higher than that of drive-in shelves.

What are the applicable occasions for shuttle shelves?

1. Pallet storage.

2. Incoming and outgoing goods at both ends or at one end (first in first out or first out).

3. Widely used in logistics warehouse, factory warehouse, cold storage, food and beverage industry, meat processing industry and other fields

What should I do if the shuttle rack fails?

The shuttle car shelf has the following safety design to avoid failures.

1. Anti-collision design.

2. Anti-collision design when multi-vehicle operation.

3. Laser positioning protection system, no anti-collision sign on the track.

4. Design for reducing malignant work failures:

  4.1 Battery low alarm

  4.2 When the battery is not running once, stop at the entrance and wait.

  4.3 Do not charge when the ambient temperature is inappropriate

5. Maintain the car.

Matters needing attention when using shuttle racks:

1. Regularly maintain the shuttle car and the shuttle car shelf. The shuttle car uses a charging system, so when the power is not enough during the use process, it should be charged in time. Don’t wait until the power is completely used up before recharging, this will not only shorten the life of the shuttle, but also cause unnecessary troubles for storing and receiving goods. Manual operation. Shuttle car racks also need regular inspections, at least to ensure that there is a thorough annual inspection and maintenance.

2. Shuttle car racks cannot be overloaded like conventional racks. Overloading is a big taboo for all racks. The biggest consequence of overloading is that some of the racks are deformed to bring potential safety hazards.

3. The shuttle racks should be used with anti-collision equipment such as corner guards, guardrails, guard posts, etc.