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Mercedes-Benz (Hungary) Logistics Center Warehouse in Kechkemet, Hungary mezzanine rack Project


Recently, another mezzanine rack project exported from SUNNYRACK to Hungary has been successfully installed and accepted. The project has been highly recognized by customers. Let's take a look the mezzanine rack project.


Client name: Mercedes-Benz (Hungary) Logistics Center Warehouse

Racking type: Mezzanine Rack

Project overview: At the end of December 2022, the new Three-floor mezzanine rack project for Benz (Hungary) Logistics Center Warehouse in Kechkemet was successfully accepted and handed over to the owner for use.


Technical parameters of mezzanine rack of the project:

1. The warehouse of this project is L95m×W60m×H10.5m;

2. Floor area: 5000 square meters;

3. Racking specification:

(1) L 2300mm * D 1000mm * H 8500mm;

(2) The first floor is 3000mm high, 2-layer beams and wire decking, load capacity of unit: 2000KG/ layer;

(3) The second floor is 3000mm high, 2-layer beams and wire decking, load capacity of unit: 1000KG/ layer;

(4) The third floor is 2500mm high, 3-layer beams and wire decking, load capacity of unit: 1000KG/ layer;

(5) The floor slab is grid plate, the load capacity of the floor is 800kg per square meter;

(6) It is equipped with 3 auxiliary stairs and 2 guide rail chain elevators.


Sunnyrack mezzanine rack owns the characteristics of max space utilization, which is suitable to store various types of goods. It is widely used in automotive parts, electronic industry and automobile 4S store. According to warehouse size and client's actual demand, we can design two floor or multi-floor mezzanine rack, totally assembled structure, which can be assembled or disassembled easily at site.