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How To Use Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Safely?


1. Follow the principle of placing light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom.

2. The weight of each layer of goods stored shall not exceed the maximum load capacity of the rack design.

3. To prevent ultra-high and ultra-wide: the shelf height and width have been restricted, and the size of the pallets and goods should be slightly less than 100mm of the clear space.

4. Avoid impact when in use: When the forklift is in operation, handle it as gently as possible.

5. Operators should not to enter the aisle directly at the bottom of the shelve rack.


The layer height of the heavy-duty racks is adjustable, equipped with various types of forklifts and stackers. The heavy-duty storage racks can realize quick access to various pallets, and the maximum unit size can reach 2000KG, which is the most commonly used storage method in various industries. Each pallet can be stored or moved separately without moving other pallets. Can adapt to various types of shelves. Heavy-duty storage racks can adjust the height of the beam according to the size of the goods. The cargo circulation is large, The supporting equipment is the simplest, the cost is the lowest, and it can be installed and disassembled quickly.