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Company News

New Warehouse Shelve Rack Project Finished For A Pharmaceutical Industry


Selective Pallet Rack,is specifically constructed and designed for tough loads between 1000kg - 3000kgs/UDL(Uniformly Distributive Load) where it isthe most suitable system for heavy-capacity warehouse users. With our own innovation, the box beam as the levels increased the loading capacity of the Heavy Duty Shelving Rack System. In addition, the versatility of the box beam bracket enables easier installation process as well as the dismantling process in according to customers' application.

Medium duty shelving are absolute storage system perfect for warehouse and industrial applications. It can be configured to accommodate a wide range of storage requirements. These racks are suitable for store small boxes and cartons. Further, these racks are available with adjustable shelving system along with the load bearing capacity 300-800kg per level.

After around 2 months communication and video meeting,Sunnyrack succeed to provide a Pharmaceutical industry Selective Pallet Rack and Medium Duty Shelve Rack,they are very satisfied with our products and revert to us the following photos: