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Safety Netting Fall Protection In Warehouse Rack


Pallet rack safety nets and straps add a high level of safety to your warehouse racking by keeping large, palletized or shrink-wrapped items from pushing through into the flue space, adding simple solutions for push-through prevention, work area protection or pick and pack operations.

Protect people and minimize product damage with high strength pallet rack safety netting designed to minimize cost yet provide a simple secure means of protection. Vertical warehouse containment netting or pallet rack netting provides an effective barrier and contains loose boxes, stacked material, and palletized goods. Safety mesh, or Plastic safety netting (extruded polypropylene) is available from light duty to heavy duty strength and materials to meet your specific needs from cold storage to fire retardant applications. Pallet rack netting is a solution for pallet rack fall protection and works in conjunction with pallet rack back guards, pallet back stops, beam back stops, and Rack Safety Product’s Flue GuardTM to create a uniform flue space above the pallet.